Angel Wing Begonia in October

flower 4.JPG

This lovely Angel Wing Begonia should not look this good in what is almost the middle of October. I swear I took the photo this last weekend. It must be in just the right spot, or perhaps Andrew May, of Sequim/Port Angeles gardening fame, is right…take care of your baskets and they should last until November in our climate.

8 thoughts on “Angel Wing Begonia in October”

  1. We are having the warmest October ever! Many gardens are full of summer flowers! I see mums all over but I also see impatiens and other very colorful flowers. Your begonia looks gorgeous. If you bring it inside, will it keep well during the winter?

  2. Beautiful Begonia. Its much prettier than it should be this time of year.
    The weather station is sending out warnings for a very windy night tonight with gusts up to 45mph, with a cold front coming through. I don’t think the weather knows what to do. Yesterday it was over 80 degrees. Crazy.

  3. We have already had our first frost here in Albuquerque. All our plants are in and taking up a good part of the dining room. This is a beautiful color flower of this plant.

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