Lavender Harvest

Now normally one would think I would show you a picture of this in August at the very latest…but my summer was different this year. Friday I spent the day taking the dried buds off the stalks so that in two weeks when my garden helpers come back, I will have a place to put my outdoor plants away before the first frost. I’ve had a bit of a hurt shoulder as of late. This task was fairly easy…and when I was done, I smelled really good!

7 thoughts on “Lavender Harvest”

  1. la lavande seche, enfin bientot vous allez pouvoir faire de l’eau de lavande et des petits sachets pour mettre dans les armoires à linges

    the lavender cig, finally soon you will be able to make lavender water and small sachets to put in the linen closets

  2. Norma,I just love your ‘street’ sign!
    A great memorial too your best little friend.
    Sorry I have been so scarce.
    Just not feeling so well.
    Hope you are doing fine.

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