Baby Girl's Bike

sammies bike.JPG
A very dear friend passed a bicycle on to baby girl this week. We spent part of the day at Mike’s Bikes on West Sequim Bay Road, getting training wheels attached. I truly appreciate the time they spent with us, which included checking her helmet to make sure it was a good fit. It’s a great business and Sequim is lucky to have such a quality bike shop. Most of their business is “high dollar” bikes for biking enthusiasts. Yet, they found the time to make a day very special for Grandma and her girl.

6 thoughts on “Baby Girl's Bike”

  1. This is an example of the positive side of living in a small town. A good time apparently was had by all, including the workers!

  2. My little girl Samantha is very fortunate of having a grandma like Norma. Thank you for being there when my family needs you.

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