Hardy Fuschia

I always thought fuschias had to be grown in the shade. Apparently not. In front of Stapes on East Washington is what I call a “pocket garden”. There is a wide variety of hardy fuschias, a path, bench, and beauty to enjoy.
fuschiasign.JPGfuschia.JPGfushia 4.JPGgarden.JPGfushia 5.JPG

5 thoughts on “Hardy Fuschia”

  1. Beautiful flowers and luscious shade. I also like the last thumbnail because it looks white at first glance, but is really a delicate shade of pink. Lovely!

  2. Norma,

    Thanks for showing this garden. I never noticed it. I have to go to staples to get some supplies tomorrow and will make sure I look at it.

    While it is away from Sequim, I have you noticed the beautiful Japanese garden to the right of the entrance (as you enter) of the Port Angeles library? When I go to that library I like to sit on the bench and look into it.

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