Power Plant


Although technically not in Sequim, I am getting in very early this morning.  This powerplant is located along the Hood Canal close to Hoodsport and was in my archives.  I promise you will see Sequim tomorrow. 

 Today is my birthday…I am now offically really old. Baby girl, my big boy and I will be celebrating with pizza.

19 thoughts on “Power Plant”

  1. The light shining on this building is so pretty.

    You’re a light shining for photo-blogdom, Norma, and I hope your birthday is a bright one.

  2. Happy Birthday from all at ‘Wiggers World’. Hope you day is as bright as the sun on your picture and you shine throughout the day….

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your pizza, and then I understand you are starting a photography class?? Looks like you could teach them a thing or two!

  4. Un super Happy Anniversaire. plein de bonheur et de cadeaux, enfin surtout un tres beau et tres gros gateau. Bravo pour la photo.

    Super Happy Birthday. full with happiness and gifts, finally especially very beautiful and very large cake. Cheer for the photograph.

  5. As I am officially old, I no longer have birthdays–but I do accept gifts.

    Great photograph of a structure that I have passed many times on my travels to the southern part of the state. You made it more interesting.

    Happy birthday.

  6. A very small blogging world!! Happy birthday..old or not…I’d rather have them than the alternative!!!! Many happy returns….I see the talent for photography runs in your family…how sweet!

  7. Hello,
    I have just found your blog and have lost myself in amongst all the many lovely georgous photos.
    Happy Birthday, enjoy your pizza

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY don”t forget to have some red wine with that pizza

    i got home on the 10th, i was not impresst with Alaska only stayed five days

  9. “Many happy returns on the day of your birth
    May sunshine and happiness be given
    And may the dear Father prepare you on earth
    For a beautiful birthday in Heaven.”

    The little church I went to as a child always said this to the birthday person during church service.
    Happy Birthday,

  10. Happy late birthday, Norma. Your parents picked a couple of swell unique names for you and your brother. Did y’all inherit your splendid eye for photography from them?

  11. Hi Norma-
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope you tried Pizza Factory for dinner!
    That place is just like home for me…
    I once took the ferry from Edmonds just to eat there-
    They always set up shop in small towns-
    Good Food, too! YUMMY!!!

    Thanks for sharing your Sequim world with us all!

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