The Totem Pole in Pioneer Park


 I am in the air flying back from Texas and unable to consult my local sources about the history of this artifact.  Do any of my local viewers have any information?

2 thoughts on “The Totem Pole in Pioneer Park”

  1. It wasn’t until I visited Denton that I realised your Mum had only recently passed away. I am very sorry for your loss Norma and hope all the thoughts of your friends all over the world have brought you some peace.

    Glad you heading back from Texas – have missed your comments on my blog. I leave on Fiday for holidays – can’t wait to see my girls at boarding school in Brisbane – am so excited!!!!

  2. bon voyage, je trouve ce totem superbe, une explosion de couleur. Mais c’est un vrai ?

    happy voyage, I find this totem superb, an explosion of color. But it is a truth ?

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