Blackberry Picking Time


Harvest is a bit late this year.  I was at a friends before I left….usualy we have picked plenty for pies and eating by this time, but some of them are just a bit slow coming on.  Do you have blackberries in your area? 


I’m still in Texas…you don’t see them in this part of the world. 



7 thoughts on “Blackberry Picking Time”

  1. J’adore, en Dordogne quand on fais des promenades et on ramasse beaucoup de mûres . J’adore ça

    I adore, in the Dordogne when one go for walks and one collects many blackberries. I adore that

  2. Yes Norma, I have been having a ball picking them from a patch we left alone in our backyard. We cleared everything else out but left just enough to enjoy! I have to check them everyday becasue some are ripe, some are medium, some are just starting! I get them before the birds do!

  3. This is terrible, but I don’t even know if they grow around here! If they do, it’s not profusely like you get in WA. Hubby and I once stayed at a hotel in Seattle and went out for a walk. It wasn’t much of a walk, but more of a stand on the sidewalk and pick and eat as many blackberries as we could stand. It was glorious!

  4. I live on a ranch in texas, a little east of san antonio, and we just have black berries lining the dirt road and paved one. The grow right with the wild flowers.

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