6 thoughts on “Stone Statues”

  1. Hi Norma – I am exhausted getting to you but I made it!!! I left an apology on my blog yesterday for you – not sure if you got it!!!

    It seems strange all my American friends talking about going back to school. I’m off for a month’s holiday next week – it will be our mid-second semester break (I’m actually taking extra time off though to go to Vietnam with my family!!!)

  2. Nice photograph. I have visited a few of these and bought some but they don’t last long. Maybe 20 years and they begin to fall apart here in Ohio. I suppose the freezing and thawing does it.

  3. When I saw these on the portal it didn’t occur to me these could be garden ornaments! Yes, I love that they are in a line-up. Makes a great photo.

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