Cool Mailbox


In this part of the world, some of us still get out mail in an old fashion mailbox. This is not mine…I wish, I wish, but I really like it! All of the boxes on this stand were nicely painted.

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  1. As you know from my post yesterday we don’t have street signs so that means we don’t have letter boxes – am I feeling deprived – yes!!!!

    Love your elk sign – would love one at my place but you don’t see many elks around here!!!!

  2. Nice photography and nice mailbox. I like the one next to it also from what I can see. There are people here who do this for a living. Go round and paint and fix up mailboxes. Unfortunately, there are vandals who drive by and whack them with hammers and baseball bats to cave them in. It is against the law but nobody has ever been caught in the act.

  3. the majority of Singapore mailboxes comes in aluminum boxes that can fit an A4 size paper. And they are so neatly stacked above each other and look like this.

    The ones you posted is so welcoming!

  4. The design vaguely resembles Scandanavian painting or it could even be a quilt pattern, Norma. Poor Keropokman, his link is really dull, especially compared with this one. Sometime way back a few of us posted photos of rural painted mailboxes Perhaps we could start our own mini-themes.

  5. Yes, I do really like this mailbox a lot. I used to have a mailbox but it wasn’t this pretty. Now the mail gets pushed through a slot in the door. Or left betweent he doors if it’s too big. I suppose I could paint pretty designs around the door slot . . . ?

  6. I, like Kate, saw Scandanavian art designs on this mailbox. Very pretty – the lady of the house perhaps is skilled at painting like this?

  7. Very cool mailbox. Nice shot. There are some great ones out here, too. The mailbox mini-theme idea would be fun. I’ll have to make a drive for mailbox photos.

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