Today is the Day!


Today I celebrate one year as a DCP Blogger! It has been a great experience. I have enjoyed all of the friends I have met, learning new things every day from other bloggers, and looking at my world in a new and different way. I would especially like to thank all of you who have stopped by and visited. You have made me happy to share Sequim. Today I am sharing our annual “in the lavender” photo. Joining me are “baby girl” and “my big boy”, the shining lights of my life.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Norma. Its a wonderful milestone. Looking forward to the next year of your wonderful pictures.
    What beautiful children. I can see why they are the shining lights of your life.

  2. well done on keeping this going a full year – I remember when you started and I’m looking forward to more of your photos in the coming year.

  3. Superbe photo de famille, BRAVO pour tes UN AN de DP, c’est toujours un plaisir de passer faire un detour par Sequim tous les jours. FELICITATION et bonne continuité. Allez j’ose, un big bisou pour cet anniversaire

    Superb photograph of family, CHEER for your ONE YEAR of DP, it is always a pleasure of coming to make a turning by Sequim the every day. CONGRATULATION and good continuity. Go I dare, a big kiss for this birthday

  4. Ah, Norma, what a great day, post and photo! Congratulations on your perseverance. I also love that you do this annual pic in the lavendar, how cool! They are sweet, the little ones, and so are you! I always enjoy your photos, your crafts and your perspective. Thanks for an interesting blog.

  5. Your year-anniversary photo is strikingly beautiful! Love it! We need to thank you for your optimistic perception of life and your well-photographed daily contributions to this list. I look forward to another year and more!! Have a great day with those beautiful children!!

  6. This is a very nice companion photo to the one serving as your icon. Do you have one for every year of their lives so far?

    You really set a high standard for dailyphoto photos, Norma, and I appreciate that so much. It gives me something to strive for. (Of course, I’ve also begun to want to live in Sequim, too.)

  7. Congrats on the anniversary, its great to read that the experience has been so good for you. Hopefully the next year will be as enjoyable.

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary. Also, congratulations on 63,000+ visits in one year. Very impressive. My anti-spam word was “accomplishment”. Very appropriate.

    love you, your bother.


  9. Many congratulations on your first year and with such a beautiful photograph. Thankyou for your always interesting blog and for your kindness in posting comments on mine. Long may the Lavender Lady reign!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! Love the photos, especially of “baby girl” and “big boy”. They are growing and changing.

  11. Norma, this is SUCH a great picture. My face just lit up when your site opened up. For anyone that knows you in person, it really reflects your spirit….beautiful, loving, such an open and kind spirit. Looking forward to the next year of pictures.

    Anyway, happy anniversary, I love your site!

  12. Happy Anniversary! And you are so lucky to have such delightful children in your life. I bet they return your love in bucket loads!

  13. Congratulations Norma. You are an inspiration to us all and I love coming to Sequim (when the phonelines allow) and visiting you. Many thanks for all your kind commnets at Rabaul DP. May there be many more celebrations for you!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! Great photo, and I ditto all the above wonderful comments. Your positive outlook has been reflected in your thoughtful and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing a year in the life of Sequim! I hope to see it in person again some day.

  15. Beautiful picture Norma, and congratulations on 1 year! Sequim has become a must see destination, for me thanks to you..

    All the best,


  16. What a way to celebrate your 1 year anniversary! With the love shining through…That’s what all your photos of Sequim show. Congratulations!

  17. Way to go,Norma!
    It is easy to see that you are loved there.
    The fella is smiling with his whole face.
    Baby girl is absolutely precious!
    P.S.I like your hat.
    I look forward to your future photos.

  18. Congratulations on a year of DP! Thanks for sharing your beautiful lavendar city. And boy how the little ones have grown in a year (compared to your profile photo)!

  19. Congratulations on being a one year old on DP!

    We look forward to more pictures from you Norma.
    Having the picture taken with the Lavenders.. oh how Lavender lady 😉

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