Last of the summer blooms

Someone fetilized and has taken good care of these blooms. Summer is started to fade, and there are some that could stand a little deadheading. Today I offer them as a virtual gift to my Mother for her birthday. Unfortunately, she is not in good health. For several years, my sister has gone to her house and planted her a flower garden for Mother’s Day. It always makes her happy.

Tomorrow I will celebrate my first year as a DCP Blogger. I hope you will stop by and visit.

9 thoughts on “Last of the summer blooms”

  1. Happy Birthday Norma’s Mum – I think it is such a wonderful idea about the planting of the garden!!! It is like giving someone a gift everyday isn’t it? Everytime a flower blooms she would think of her daughter!!
    It is so difficult to buy presents for older people and giving your time and your love is the best gift of all.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Planting a flower garden for her is like giving her a bouquet everyday. The colors of the blossoms are so rich and vivid. Nice shot.

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