Nash’s Organic Produce

On East Anderson Road you will find a small organic fruit and vegetable store. The farm is run by Nash Huber. His veggies are sold in local Saturday markets and through a “Farm Share” program. I do believe his carrots are the sweetest in the world.

P.S. Thank you for your words of sympathy and kindness on the loss of my Ollie. I am away for a couple of days, but through the magic of Word Press and the technical genusis of my brother, I can still post. I’ll be back to visit soon.,

6 thoughts on “Nash’s Organic Produce”

  1. J’aime bien les fermes où l’on peut faire son marché. on a un contact different avec les vendeurs

    I like the farms where one can make his market. there is a different contact with the salesmen

  2. Colorful sign for that Farmer’s Market – one can see it is a serious business with some permanency to it. Some of the farmer’s markets here are simply displayed veggies on the back of pick-up trucks with a handlettered sign staked by the road. It’s watermelon time in Arkansas.

    Today I will buy some cat food with which to feed the neighborhood stray, in honor of Ollie and life itself.

  3. I usually get apples at the green market on weekends.

    I have been meaning to try heirloom tomatoes because I’ve never had them. I haven’t seen them at the green market lately.

  4. we have a wonderful fruit stand at the flea market. won’t be long and the pumpkins will start appearing at the market. I love fall..

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