Oliver, 1990-2007

I’ve lost my best friend. Oliver the Cat went out the morning of July 20th and did not return. Despite a massive search, ads in the paper, and speaking to every neighbor in a three block radius, my friend was not found. It was important for me to to pay tribute to him and to bring some closure to those of us who loved him dearly. Oliver was a very unique cat and my companion of 14 years. Yesterday family and friends join me for an evening of remembering, Oliver, the gentleman cat, who never met a lap he didn’t like.

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  1. Norma – my heart goes out to you!!! You must be devastated not only at Oliver’s loss but at not knowing what happened!!! All of us with pets understand what you are going through (my darling dog of 17 years died and I still miss him after many years) and we send our love to you. I hope all the wishes you will receive on this page will help you through this!!!

    Oliver was a very lucky cat for being loved so.

  2. sorry to hear from you lost. I click on your page because we had the same cat. The colors and his look just like our Snoopy. He also walked away about 15 years ago and never came back. wish you the best

  3. I’m sad with you, Norma. Every story with every cat (or dog) is an unique one and when this story is ending, it’s always a sorrow. And 14 years means a long story…

  4. You have my heartfelt compassion, after so very long with a dear friend. He’s just beautiful, and stately. Our Bishop is the same breed, and she is a very special, elegant cat.

  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, it must be especially hard since you don’t know where he is. One of our tabbies looks a little like your Oliver, and that touches me even more. I’m sending you lots of hugs, and hope you can find some peace soon.

  6. We have lost our dogs in the past and it is heartbreaking. But to not know what happened would be especially heartrending. When our Malamute was sick (we did not know she had a bad heart) she would crawl off deep in our yard. Perhaps this is what has happened. Our hearts go out to you. Passage of time will help a bit.

  7. Very sorry to hear that your Oliver is gone. Try to remember the times he sat in your lap and brought you comfort or the time you played games. Know how sad you must be feeling. We recently lost our little JB (rat terrier) after 14 years. Take care.

  8. Norma, I am so very sorry to hear about Oliver. I have lost pets as well, and can relate. Sending hugs,


  9. Norma,I am glad you were blessed with Oliver,and he was blessed with you!
    Hope it didn’t rain on your celebration of his life.
    I wish I could have been there too.

  10. I thought I wasn’t an animal person until our daughter got a cat. Now I love him to pieces and understand completely how devastated you must feel. Hugs and thanks for Oliver’s wonderful life are being sent your way.

  11. I’ve opened his picture a couple days in a row now and it’s still hard. It makes it real in a way that hadn’t hit me until we had the memorial and then I saw his picture the next day.
    I miss ya Ollie, you were one seriously cool cat.
    Hugs to you Norma

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