Now which way do we go?

Last Sunday we took a photo ride …. grandson drives…I yell, “Stop” and jump out and shoot something. We had just driven past this group, he pulls over and I hop out expecting to get some action shots as they went by…they changed their mind…stopped, conferred and went back the other way. Does this ever happen to you? With the Olympic Discovery Trail , Sequim is a great place for bike riders.

3 thoughts on “Now which way do we go?”

  1. No, to be honest, it never happens to me. I seldom go out looking for something to take pictures of except that I go out into my backyard when I see something I cannot photograph through my office windows. There, when I do go out, sometimes what I went out to see will disappear about the time I get up to it. I have sometimes watched and waited for days just to see the subject fly back in and land almost in front of me and I will often get several hundred photos before it decides to move on.

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