Checking out the Photos

I volunteered in the Photography Hall during the fair and found several opportunities to practice taking photos. It was fun to watch folks looking at the photos and listen to their comments. I also saw a young 4-H member stapling down the table cover and a couple of buds having their photo made. For the first time since I started entering photos, two of my entries managed to get an Honorable Mention. I think the word Jules uses is “chuffed”. Yep, that was me.
P.S. At Ruth and Oliver’s request, I have uploaded a thumbnail of the photos. The first one was a previous thumbnail of a previous post. The second is a building in Bartlesville, OKwheatfield2.JPG phillips1.JPG4h.JPGbuds.JPG

6 thoughts on “Checking out the Photos”

  1. Bravo pour tes photos, cela doit te faire plaisir. bon weekend. tu pourrais nous faire voir les deux photos.

    Cheer for your photographs, that must please to you. good weekend. you could show to us the two photographs.

  2. The Wheatfield and Phillips photos are wonderful ones. It’s clear how they would win you special honor.

    You got my feeling of distress as being questioned as a possible terrorist. I really hate to have my honor, my patiotism, my freedom questioned!

  3. Congratulations on Honorable Mention. Stand up and take a bow!!! That’s fantastic. (I’m trying to get Ben to send something into a local show – I think he is going to, after running out of reasons why he couldn’t.)

  4. I thought about entering photos in our county fair, but ours all have to be framed, and that seemed like a big nuisance… enough to discourage me from entering any. Congratulations on your H.Ms!

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