On Three Crabs Road

There is a garden in front of Groveland Cottage where a smiling Budda resides. When I stopped to take his picture, I happened to notice something odd attatched to his tummy. On closer examination, I found the object to be a snail. (click on thumbnail)

12 thoughts on “On Three Crabs Road”

  1. Hee! Lots of snails (and slugs) in Villigen as well. On my early morning or late evening walks, I have to watch out that I don’t step on them. There are also many around the fields and I wonder that they don’t ravage all the crops.

  2. Buddha with a snail cleaning the wrinkle in his fat. I saw the giant Buddha at Kamakura Japan and had my picture taken in front of him about 55 years ago. He was bronze, green and as big, almost, as the mountain behind him.

  3. What a wonderful smiling Buddah – the snail obviously feels very safe there.

    Bangkok Thailand has the most wonderful Buddah statues!!

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