One of Sequim’s Claim to Fame

This plaque is located at Carrie Blake Park. Amazingly, there are folks who have lived here for quite awhile but are not aware of Mr. Dryke’s achievements. There is a “Dryke” road in the Solmar area, but I think it is named for the family.

6 thoughts on “One of Sequim’s Claim to Fame”

  1. Too bad people aren’t aware of his achievement. We lived in LA during those Olympics, and it was fun to be there. But I am sorry to say I don’t remember Matt Dryke.

    I don’t know why my-expressions was giving you fits for commenting, but it was giving me fits yesterday for posting. So hopefully you’ll have an easier time leaving comments now that it seems fixed?

  2. It is nice people’s achievements are celebrated!!!!

    In Australia we say “He is a legend in his own lifetime” if he has achieved great deeds but if he only thinks he has, or his deeds are very unimportant we say “He is a legend in his own lunchtime”
    We Australians are known for our “Tall-poppy syndrome” – do you have that in the States?????

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