21 thoughts on “Simple and Beautiful!”

  1. Very beautiful colors. I tried to photograph flowers last night. The sky was grey, so the natural light was not very good. I cannot compete with you or with Abraham :-))

  2. Delightful colors. The flowers are so close together, they all seem to be from the same plant but is that possible? Maybe a new multicolor hybrid?

  3. IIndeed, gorgeous. I have the same question as Fenix. I’ve noticed similar things here, blues and pinks right next to one another and wondered how that worked as I thought the color had to do with soil acidity levels.

  4. I like that flower and it is not so simple
    It needs much water to be so pretty and fresh and that year we had much rain in France and so it is a good think to have so beautiful flowers when the weather is rainy. It is a kind of consolation.

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