10 thoughts on “A Little Spot of Red”

  1. I love how the red flowers look like in the whole bunch of yellow little flowers. I just couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with red color. Oh well..

  2. Pretty little poppies Norma.
    Sorry you don’t feel like getting out today.
    It is too hot to even think about it here.
    temp 92,humidty68,heat index112 !!!
    Last night it didn’t get below 80 here.

  3. Hope it was because you were too busy to leave the house not becasue you were unwell.
    Thanks for the photo – I’m off to work so need brightening – I do love work really – it is just getting there that I find hard.

  4. Those primary colors are superlative!

    You don’t suppose the little china cow escaped from your house and wandered down my way, do you?

  5. You are wellcome, if I stay here in this days, I woluld like your hostes these days. I am not sure if Frida´s expocsition is on, but in Mexico city there are a lot of things to do, every day.


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