It's That Time of The Year

it’s hard to travel down a country road in this area without coming across rolls of hay. I remember when I came back from Germany in 1983. As the airplane started to land, I remember seeing these in fields with white covers…took me awhile to figure out hay had a new shape.

6 thoughts on “It's That Time of The Year”

  1. I get a kick out of it when they cover them with white plastic…they look like Marshmallows! (Really a terrible practice because then the plastic shreds off and litters the fields.)

  2. Hay rolls look so cool! I had very similar ones of straw on my July 20th post. And I agree with Patricia about the marshmallows. I even had a photo of those on my overflow site that day. 🙂 — Did you find your slides from your Switzerland trip?

  3. I first saw hay rolled like this in England in 1985 – we stopped the car and i took heaps of photos – i was so impressed!!!!

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