The Clallam County Fair is Right Around the Corner

It is time to get your projects ready to enter the fair. I usualy put a couple of quilts in the fair and for the last few years have entered photos. It is hard choosing only four. My choices are generally ones that I like…not necesarily ones that judges would choose…and that is O.K. I have nine printed…now which ones are will I enter? I’ll let you know what I choose.

11 thoughts on “The Clallam County Fair is Right Around the Corner”

  1. I like the picture you have shown.

    Now, sheeps’ poo would be good for the compost heap! Paper does lighten the compost although there aren’t many, if any, nutrients in it. Newsprint is good too as it is porous, but it needs to be torn up and not put in a wodge. The paper gives a nice light texture to the compost.

  2. cela doit plaire aux enfants, c’est sympathique cette ferme. je te souhaite un bon weekend

    must like that the children, it is sympathetic nerve this farm. I wish you a good weekend

  3. I vote, I vote . . . mabe for the wheat fields! Although I like the red flower in the one where the volunteer is clearning out the pond!

  4. Your comments provoked some thought about submitting ones work for judging. If the purpose is win, then one is wise to “think like the judges”. But if the purpose is to show off what one is proudest of, then it would be what you’ve done historically.

    However, if I were the judge, I’m sure you’d win the Blue Ribbon now matter what you submitted.

  5. In Australia we hold our shows (fairs) in the cooler months. The Brisbane exhibition is on now but there is a fly epidemic in Austraia at the moment so numbers are down too – they are thinking of holding the shows at a different time next year – you just can’t win hey??

    You have some lovely photos – it will be hard to chose – but i agree with leonda – i love the wheat fields.

  6. Norma,I do so love the cool air and the sights,sounds,and smells,of a county fair!
    It is a real celebration of the finer things in life.

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