Sequim Elk

You know some days you just know the picture you are going to post and something happens that changes your mind. Lucky me I had my camera with me on the way to town yesterday. I notice a small herd of young Roosevelt elk along Old Olympic. It surprises me at first. I am used to the blinking lights of the radio collared elk east of town. My car immediately goes to the side of the road…flashers on..I jump out with camera ready….
(1.) they head back to the fence east of the cattle and jump over, all but this big boy….
(2.) he checks out the fence
(3.) heads back to get a running start and doublechecks the speed limit sign
(4.) and bounds back over the fence….
(5.) just as a love sick cow runs up…I kid you not, when she saw him in the field she high tailed it right over to say hello!
Sequim is famous for its Elk and its lavender.
elk1.JPGelk3.JPGelk 6.JPGelk7.JPGelkcow.JPG

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  1. Arn’t these unexpected little episodes fun? Like outdoor movies as well. I was interesting in ESL teaching (your profile) late in my life, perhaps there is hope yet! Thanks for call in.

  2. Wowie wow! There is nothing like seeing these up close! Once I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, was ahead of my group alone, and came around a bend in the path: there before me was a gigantic elk. We both stood there, stunned. After a few moments of eternity, he bounded off, which sounded like trees crashing to the ground.

    How fun for you! Way to keep your camera with you.

  3. If I was a lady elk I would have been totally smitten by this hunk of elk too!! What a majestic creature.

    I hope people around those parts don’t have elk heads displayed in their livingrooms !!!!

  4. One of the interesting things about driving around the Sequim area is that you never know when you will come upon a herd of elk. We stumbled upon at least a dozen on a back road near Sunland last Sunday. Unfortunately, do not have the intelligence to carry a camera with me.

  5. Nice report…it’s more than a picture.
    Your comment is funny, I like the way you told us the story of this amazing meeting with such a shy animal.
    My favorit picture for today and tomorrow. I already put a link from my blog.

  6. What a beauty! Shows we should never leave home without our cameras. And funny the cow came running up – I know nothing about deer – or cows, come to that – but somehow wouldn’t have thought this would happen. Lovely story.

  7. We have been living in Sequim now for 1 1/2yr. We fell in love with this town head over heels. Who can resist the beautiful setting between the water and the most amazing backdrop of the Olympic Mountains. We met the Elk herd twice…one time too far away from home and of course without a camera, second time close enough to run home, get the camera and take a few pictures. Nothing in comparison to yours but still proud of it. Will be back for more photos of Sequim. Heidi & Keoki

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