Volunteer in Carrie Blake Park

The best volunteers are those that aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. A group of gentleman meet every Monday at the Friendship Garden Pond in Carrie Blake Park. They spend time doing whatever is necessary to keep the pond nice, the ducks happy, and the place looking good. Hats off to you!

12 thoughts on “Volunteer in Carrie Blake Park”

  1. Great community spirit – I would love to be involved in this when I retire. It is such a positive way to contribute to the community and feel needed. Lots of social benefits too, especially if you have a couple of beers after a hard day around the pond!!!!

  2. The quiet, giving spirit of those who do things for all of us is way too undersung. Thanks for highlighting these generous spirits today.

  3. Hats off to ALL volunteers. When we’re young and raising a family, there isn’t much time for it, but when the timing is right, it’s an activity from which we can get so much satisfaction. I love being anonymous, which isn’t my normal mode of operation ;=) but that gives even more satisfaction.

    PS. I’m glad that I could post something that you can share with your family–the Germanic-American info. Have a good day, Norma.

  4. Our countryside needs volunteers on clean-up patrol. We have this on the beaches before the summer and in the countryside and rivers after the winter – all done by volunteers. I love the way you’ve done your photographs – how do you do that?! Ah, I see your blog is a WordPress blog – so obviously can’t be done on Blogger. It’s very effective.

  5. Sorry, meant to say in response to an earlier comment of yours (thanks) that yes, kir is a cherry liquer. When you ask for a kir in France it’s white wine with the tiniest touch of kir liquer. If you ask for a Kir Royale it’s champagne with kir! And it’s good!

  6. Ils sont bien courageux ces volontaires. Les volontaires font un travail superbes, dans beaucoup de domaine, et permettent ร  des associations de vivre

    They are quite courageous these volunteers. The volunteers do a work superb, in much of field, and allow associations to live

  7. That is sooooo awesome! I am really impressed with their commitment to civic pride! (and the ducks! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Your thumbnails are great — esp. like the one with the red flower. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I agree with Lessie, the picture with the red flower is excellent! Do you have the new camera yet?

  9. Bravo to the volunteers!!! In NYC, the Parks Dept. hired a dog to chase away the geese from the ponds because their poops are very toxic and pollute the pond water beyond repair.

  10. I’d like my neighbors to be as much “concerned” about nature as the people in the photos. My neighbors do the opposite, they throw their rubbish around the buildings and everywhere “in nature.”

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