Movie In the Park

My brother Denton has often posted about the movies in the park in Greenville. I happened to be in Carrie Blake Park and caught some of the set up action for the inflatable screen. If I remember correctly, the whole process takes about an hour and a half…if you are organized. I was impressed. The thumbnails give you a view of how the operation takes place. For more information, visit

13 thoughts on “Movie In the Park”

  1. I must say I didn’t see anything like this before and it’s very interesting. However I think possible to use it to show movies only being authorized by local authorities. Isn’t it?

  2. Un petit film que tu nous montres, c’est un trampoline ? bon weekend à faire la fete

    A small film that you show us, it is a trampoline? good weekend to have fun the festival

  3. It’s amusing to think of you watching the screen going up, instead of watching the movie on the screen. Perhaps this was the more interesting feature, Norma.

  4. Hehe! Like others before me, I hadn’t seen such an inflatable screen until now. What happens if it’s really windy, I wonder? I guess that’s no more a problem with this than with a regular screen.

  5. I haven’t seen an outdoor movie in thirty years.
    It was such a special time to sit in the night air with an arm around a ‘honey’,
    and watch that amazing big screen.Listening through those scratchy sounding little speakers.

  6. Norma, this is a new one for me. I have never seen an inflatable screen before but what a great idea. So portable and temporary. Summer in the park with movies….fun way to spend an evening.

  7. Great shot of the portable drive-inn/outdoor movie screen. So what movies are going to be shown?

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. To answer your question about the larged wheeled appartus in front of the fire hall – it’s an anitque fire hose cart that at one time was pulled by a team of horses.

  8. well, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hadn’t seen one of these. I’d really like to go to an outdoor movie again. Loved it, lo so many years ago!

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