Can’t Take the Farm Out of the Girl

Next to the farm house for sale is a wheat field in the process of ripening. Wheat ripens here later than in other places. It has been a long time, but I still appreciate what is taking place. My daddy had a sign that read “Don’t cuss the farmer with your mouth full.” I try to remember that when I go to the grocery store.

14 thoughts on “Can’t Take the Farm Out of the Girl”

  1. I can’t look at a wheat field without thinking of Dad – a farmer at heart! This year in the TX/OK Panhandle, the yields were good and so was the price! Usually the two don’t happen at the same time.

  2. The photo of the farm is just so dreamy. And now I know what to call that particularly beautiful shade of green: “wheaty green.” 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo of this green, fenix said wheaty green, but he also used the word dreamy which I really liked for describing this photo…

  4. This is a wonderful blog with wonderful photos. It is also the way I’d like to live.

    My ex husband and I owned a big farm in Belgium.

  5. I think your Daddy’s saying is great Norma.
    I believe I have heard that one a long time ago.
    Farmers are heroes to me.

  6. This is an absolutely beautiful photo lavenderlady. I can almost hear the wind rustling through the it!! It makes me homesick for my childhood where there were fields and fields of wheat.

    Marie – your farm sounds very interesting – what did you grow on it??

  7. This was the last photo I expected from Washington … I love the sight of wheat and like Leonda I think of Dad when I see wheat … better even than the bumper crop this year is that the price of wheat is holding on the high side … My anit-spam word is “cultivated”.

  8. Oh, this is just beautiful. I didn’t expect to see wheat from Sequim, either. The Palouse, maybe — Washington is actually a HUGE wheat producer. I’m like a lot of other folks, I get nostalgic looking at this photo. Love the title, too!

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