12 thoughts on “Kids”

  1. That’s so funny !
    And not exactly true
    Everyone can float, because of the ait in the lung, that needs only to be quiet and yes it is not trhe case of our kids
    There are afraid and don’t know what to do, to remain peacefully on the back
    I know only one person who cannot float : my elder son
    Whatever he makes, he is unable to float, he ever must move if not he’d sink
    I think he is not fat enough !

  2. Where was this one taken Norma? I haven’t run across it yet. A very striking photo, especially good for any of the boaters out there.

  3. A great idea and wonderful to see it in action (sadly, if lifejackets were left in this way in Ireland they would almost certainly be vandalised or stolen)

  4. The same thing could be said about Annies. I have never been able to float – and life jackets have saved the day for me too.

  5. Everyone must see this sign and it`s important thought.
    Hopefully also adults use them too 🙂
    I looked at your earlier photos and loved them and how you have described them.
    Thank you for your visit my blog!

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