Don't Wait

Technically this photo is not in Sequim…it is East in Discovery Bay. As I have driven by I would have a glimpse of an old building with part of a pier overlooking the bay. I always thought…stop and take a picture! This week when I finally stopped, I was disapointed to find it had almost collapsed. Moral…don’t wait.

14 thoughts on “Don't Wait”

  1. belle photo, j’aime ces vieilles maisons à l’abandon, totalement hors du temps.

    beautiful photograph, I like these old houses with the abandonment, completely out of time.

  2. (Ashes to ashes ,dust to dust.
    boards and buildings,
    Us,and rust.)
    This still makes a very moving photo Norma,
    and the background is just wonderful!
    I’m sorry you were disapointed.

  3. It’s true that waiting too long can sometimes leave one bereft. Luckily you came away with something very pleasing here.

  4. nice picture, to my recollection that was at one time a fish cannery factory

    i am enjoying the pictures

  5. I like what you were able to get. Old buildings have a fascination that I can’t explain – even when they’re almost not buildings anymore.
    We’re coming to your neck of the woods for a day – the NW wood artisans show on Saturday, after the sand sculptures on Friday.

  6. It is the power of deminishing intent; if you don’t do what you are thinking about within 48 hours, it doesn’t usually happen. Still a great photo.

  7. Uuuggh! I so know that feeling! There was a beautiful old building on the street where I work that I had been meaning to take a picture of. I kept putting it off until one day I walked past it and…well…it had been demolished over night to make way for a bigger more modern building! I could have kicked myself in the butt if that were possible! 😀

  8. I drive to Sequim often to visit my family. I think the same thing every time I drive past this old pile of rubble. I am happy to say I will be visiting sequim this weekend and plan on taking a picture!

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