Stop and Go

I’ll bet you thought you were going to see something purple…patience. I worked two shifts at the quilt show and then the lights went out…all over town. this would have been bad enough on an ordinary day…but with all the visitirs, it made for interesting driving. Thank goodness the police department and volunteers showed up to direct traffic. No word yet on why the lights were out for that long. More purple-lavender-and quilts are in your future. I plan to make some time tomorrow to come visit your blogs.

5 thoughts on “Stop and Go”

  1. I liked your photograph a lot. Not for what it shows but for the hidden messages here. This kind of problem is so simple, really, electricity stopped flowing down copper wires and everywhere nothing works. That is the kind of problems we can imagine encountering if the wrong people get their hands on the power switches. We are way too dependant on “things” for survival.

  2. I was volunteering yesterday morning, this must have happened after we left town. Today was much nicer at the Lavender Festival. The farms were wonderful and the traffic wasn’t bad at all.

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