Follow the Leader!

follow the leader.JPG

Wylie seems intent on keeping up with J-dog. They are such nice neighbors.

A very nice thing happened yesterday. The Peninsula Daily News interviewed Jelvistar of Port Angeles Daily Photo and myself. There was a nice article on page C-1, Wednesday, July 18th. They featured several of our photos. Unfortunately, the PDN is such a small newspaper there is no online link to the article. I, of course, will be buying several copies to send to my family. I guess one never gets to old for a little family approval.

The quilt show set up begins tomorrow…stop back by for some photos of what it takes to make this event happen.

11 thoughts on “Follow the Leader!”

  1. toujours suivre le leader, pas vraiment sur, mais bon. photo tres culte. bravo pour le coup d’oeil

    to always follow the leader, not really on, but good. photograph very worship. cheer for the glance

  2. That’s funny !
    This little dog is not the child of the big, I presume and yet, they are well together

    I like particularly the light and the shadows
    Maybe an evening light, so long, long, long shadows

  3. Norma, it was a very good article. I am glad to see you receive some recognition for all your great photographs of the area. For those not in this area, it was a long article.

    Even though we needed the rain, hope it clears out by tomorrow. Not only for the festival, but our youngest grandchildren from Illinois will be arriving Saturday evening to see if they can run me ragged. I know I will need a week to rest up after they leave.

  4. You brightened my morning Norma with that picture!

    The article was great and not just some buried clip, I thought it was fantastic how much coverage you got and the details put into it.

    Good luck with the quilt show!

  5. The Peninsula Daily News emailed me for an interview too, but I was out of town. If I had been here, I would have sent them your way anyway… as your blog is much more indepth than mine is.

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