Seeing Stars

This is one of the six pieces I will have in this year’s quilt show. It was from a class at an Empty Spools seminar with Alex Anderson several years ago. This has been my year to finish UFO (unfinished objects). Again, it was a learning experience…and I do want to learn something new every day. I hope local viewers will find time to come to our show. The talent of the ladies who belong to this group constantly amazes me. You won’t be disappointed.

The thumbnails are of two other quilts that will be in the show. The first quilt, Pink Lemonade, is a variation on a strip-pieced quilt. There is a companion quilt, which is the positive/negative of this one. The black and red pictures are the back and front of a quilt I called Japanese Two Step. It was in the quilt show last year and will be in the country store this year. Wednesday we turn in items for the country show…Thursday the quilts are turned in bright and early and the step up and hanging begins. It takes a lot of people to make a quilt show happen. Tomorrow I will return to the preparations for the Lavender Festival.

15 thoughts on “Seeing Stars”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
    I am so impressed with the talent and patience required to produce one quilt, let alone six!
    Thanks for showing them to us. I hope the quilt show is a great success.
    AND… I loved your lavender season post!

  2. The quilts are works of art! Norma, are you familiar with the quilts of Gees Bend, made by African women in Alabama? There ‘s a long wonderful story about them and their quilts are definitely collector’s items. I have an artist friend who travelled there, just to meet them and brought back a few for a private exhibition, but there have been public exhibitions, too. I fear that some collectors may have exploited them, however–no proof, just my personal feelings. There is a remarkable art book published a few years back re. their products. Wonderful!! If you aren’t familiar with the story, google it because it is truly “eye candy!”

  3. I love the blue stars… always love quilts with multi-sized blocks. And I love the colors in last year’s Square Dance. Do you do your own quilting? I talk about my quilts and quilting at my other blog, Giraffe Dreams.

  4. The Japanese two-step really calls to me. I love the bold geometrics and the black and red here, with the hanging cord. About the rest I could also say, “What’s not to like?”, for they each are very artful and appealing.

  5. I would like to have time and knowledge to manage to sew such beautiful curtains
    I have a friend who knows. She gave me two magnificent cushions which she made

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