Flower Baskets

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Each year agricultural students at Sequim High School design and make these wonderful baskets. Some hang from the street lights…others like this one sit on the ground. A quality flower basket is not cheap to produce. Local businesses help sponsor this project. This one was sponsored by Hurricane Coffee Company. Wooden barrels of lavender will go out this week.

4 more days until the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show

I am home after a week of sewing, classes, finishing UFO’s, quilt shows, shopping, etc. etc…and I am inspired. Since 1991, with one exception, I have traveled to Sisters, Oregon for the Quilters Affair and Quilt Show. I am never disapointed. Today I have included three thumbnails of projects I worked on while there. The first is the quilt pattern “Square Dance”, by Martha Thompson. The fabrics had been cut out for a long time…once I finally got it pieced, I discovered the yellow was too bright for the other fabrics…so it turned in to a perfect quilt to practice machine quilting. After the show, I will block and bind it.
The second thumbnail is one of the reasons I love digital photography. If you are unsure of block or value placement in a quilt, simply take a digital picture and you can instantly see where you need to make a switch. Can you tell where the value placement is incorrect in this wall hanging?
The third thumnail is a pattern I tested for Beach Garden Quilts a couple of years ago. At the time I was having a devil of a time with my points. It was put away and it was only last week that I finally got it all put together. The pattern is called Eagle Harbor Summer. I love the secondary patterns it creates. None of these quilts will be in this year’s show…tomorrow I will show you ones that will be.
squaredance sequim wa.JPGfloral sequim wa.JPGbg sequim wa.JPG

10 thoughts on “Flower Baskets”

  1. Hi Norma,

    All your beauties are marvels to me. Once I tried my hand at cutting and piecing squares and quickly determined that I don’t have the precision and patience it takes to do a pretty job. I never got to the point of thinking about color and value placement but that would likely have been the next thing to stop me.

    As you know from my posts I’ve tried my hand at stained glass work too. That also requires precision and patience so I should have known I’d experience a lot of frustration with cutting and placing pieces of glass, similar to how one must piece a quilt.

    I still work with fabrics and glass but I don’t do the precision work. As you can see from the birdbath decoration, the glass doesn’t have to be cut precisely nor does it have to be fitted perfectly together either when I work it this way. And appliqued quilting is the ticket for me – though I’ve only done part of one panel so far (and it’s not that good, either),

    Thanks for the feedback about The Last Hard Times. It’s good to know you are finding it to be a good read.

    Welcome home. Coming back from art retreats always fills one with the creative spirit so I suppose you are full to bursting now.


  2. Hi This is Paige Dickerson with the PDN. I am working on a story about area photo blogs and came upon yours. If you have a chance to talk with me for a bit today that would be great. You can catch me by e-mail at paige.dickerson@peninsuladailynews.com and I’ll give you a call!

  3. Those patterns are really pretty. I like the third one best. I will have to see what you will put out for this year’s festival!

  4. I like the yellow too. It makes it look like abstract, pop art. These are lovely, so I can’t wait to see the ones you are submitting! I love precision piecing, but only by hand, otherwise I find the piecing difficult on the machine to make perfect points. I’m afraid my quilting days are over though, now I have carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis.

    You have a lovely talent.

  5. This flower bed almost looks like tapestry. So pleased you visited my photo blog — thank you! You are an amazing quilter. I was fishing at Camp Sherman last year the week before the Quilt Show in Sisters. It looked to be quite an event. I love the area and look forward to returning. Of course, I love PA, Sequim, and the Olympic Peninsula, too . . . .

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