Did I Happen to Mention…?


This is the week! Lavender is sprouting up all over. The lavender is in bloom, lavender decorations are everywhere, and merchants are sprucing up their displays. Last Thursday there was an orientation for the Lavender Festival Volunteers. An event like this one doesn’t happen without a lot of involvement from the town folk. I might add, locals often visit the farms the week before or the week after the festival to avoid the crowds. (30,000 plus last year in a town of 5,000)

5 more days until the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show

8 thoughts on “Did I Happen to Mention…?”

  1. A lovely sunny shot. What a healthy plant. I was inspired by your photos, and potted up a couple of lavender plants this year. But I think they get too much shade as the floers are leaning. Perhaps reaching toewards more sun. They still look nice. Ill post a phot soon.

  2. I can smell the wondrous odor all the way here. Oh, that’s the lavender blooming outside I’m smelling. But it could have been yours.

    I love lavender.

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