The Blue Whole

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If you are a pilot in the Sequim area, you have heard of the “Blue Hole”. The way it was explained to me, you can be flying along with heavy cloud cover below and suddenly the clouds will open up. Sure enough, if you look down you will find Sequim. Sequim is reported to have 300 days of sun each year. I explained to someone that this does not mean the sun shines all the time on those days…but it does shine for a little while.

Now that I have degressed…a local art co operative decided to use a play on words for their galleries name. It has lovely art. Some days I take an “artist’s date” and just browse though and feed my soul. The night of our field trip it was jammed packed with people. A happening place! Previous posts of the Blue Whole can be seen here and here.

8 more days until the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show

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