What is it About Water?

On our field trip mentioned in yesterday’s post, the students were given clipboards to hold their maps and page for notes….Baby Girl and My Big Boy wanted one too. This little fountain is located in front of City Hall. I practically had to drag BG away…it seemed to mesmorize her.

10 more days until the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show!

9 thoughts on “What is it About Water?”

  1. Each garden can have a pound
    A small one like this one is good for birds… and cats
    It is better to have fishes on it because of mosquitos

    I know that because I have a half barrel in my garden. First without fishes and now I have two !!!!

    Ahahaha !

  2. Glad to notice that they had hoses!
    I think moving water has a quality like that of fire,
    it is curiously and constantly changing.

  3. They are adorable!!!! So neat that they wanted to be involved. 🙂 You’re introducing them to neat things and teaching them good skills. 🙂

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