What are these folks looking at?

The strawberry season will soon be over and it will be time for raspberries. (Mine are coming on strong!) These folks are at Cameron U-Pick strawberries off Woodcock Road, between Kitchen Dick and Cay Roads. They are worth the effort!

12 more days till the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show!

7 thoughts on “What are these folks looking at?”

  1. I love fresh picked strawberries. Your very nice photograph brought back a lot of memories. We used to do this at a local farm that raised strawberries. I will have to tell you that your story, today, caused me to remember the last time we picked strawberries at this local farm. We picked several quarts and went into the garage area to pay for them. While waiting in line, I leaned up against a chest freezer. Finally it was my turn to pay and I left the chest freezer and went to the table and paid. It was some months later that the young man who lived there was arrested for murdering his wife. And he had put her body in the chest freezer and later that year took her frozen body out and dumped in along a road in neighboring Kentucky where it was found. Who would think or even dream they were leaning on a chest type freezer that contained the frozen body of someone? Not me. He is serving a life sentence for it.

    My daughter, Melinda, has a picture she took on my blog. It is a stunning macro.
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. I used to pick strawberries and raspberries when I lived in the north. I remember those wonderful hours, usually early in the morning, after which I’d make jams and put some buy for freezing all the while eating berry after berry till I wanted nothing else to eat all day. Happy memories.

  3. Nothing better than strawberrie raspberries and Lavender!!!! Oh how I want to come along to that lavender festival! a lover of lavender.NG

  4. Thanks for visiting my photoblog, LL — I had to drop by. The color of the red sales shed in the green field is wonderful. I’ve been regularly buying Spooner’s berries on the Yelm Higway, but their shed is not quite as cute!

  5. Love this picture. I was out there picking strawberries a few weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny day, and spotted a small coyote out in the field a ways. I picked 24 lbs that day. Loads of fun.

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