battlle.JPGbattelle1.JPGIf you head East past Maple Valley Farm, you will come to a “Stop”…do not enter. This is Battelle. I have no idea what all they do there other than what the sign says…you can check out their web site and find out more details. I used to know someone that worked there…the most closed mouth person I ever met.

The DCP Portal has been skipping a day with my posts. If you didn’t see the quilt from yesterday…or the Purple Haze post, I hope you will go back and take a look.

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  1. Two of my best friends from college work for environmental laboratories. One works for a company that deals mostly with consumer products while the other work mostly for big corporations. Actually, I know another college friend who works for the ship yard in New Orleans. Well, now that I think about it, most of my friends are toxicologists. 🙂

  2. The PNNL website says that it

    * provides the facilities, unique scientific equipment, and world-renowned scientists/engineers to strengthen U.S. scientific foundations for fundamental research and innovation
    * prevents and counters acts of terrorism through applied research in information analysis, cyber security, and the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
    * increases U.S. energy capacity and reduces dependence on imported oil through research of hydrogen and biomass-based fuels
    * reduces the effects of energy generation and use on the environment.

    Surprises me that they let you get that close…!

    They have to be congratulated on their success in Iraq, though. They certainly prevented the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction there….

  3. Nice shots….we have some mysteries here in North Bay as well. Sometime I may post a photo or two of the airbase (22 Wing) which provides surveillance, identification, control, and warning for the aerospace defence of Canada and North America. They actually identify all air traffic approaching North America (over 200,000 flights per year).

    Have a great July 4th tomorrow!

    Thanks for visiting my North Bay Blog and the comment about my header (the picture was taken last year after a huge thunderstorm was just finishing up).

  4. Perhaps, this guys work in water annalysis (pH, pollulants, detritus, minerals, quality, etc, in waters from sea, rivers, dometic, and industrial). I am no sure, but I think that.

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