The Art of Martha Rudersdorf

At the Olympic Memorial Cancer Center in Sequim, visitors are invited to view the art of Martha Rudersdorf. Through her art, Martha shared with the Sequim community part of her journey from breast cancer diagnois, through surgery and follow up treatment. Using Costco plastic swimsuit forms, Martha created pieces that move and challenge the viewer. An article appeared in the June 12th issue of the Peninsula Daily News and try as I might, I have been unable to locate a link so that you might read the interview. Local viewers are encouraged to visit the Medical Center at 844 N. 5th. (the building in the back) Without a good camera, it was hard to capture all of the nuances of the work. I had a very hard time choosing just one to post today…so I have created another page. You will find it listed under the thumbnail on the right.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Martha Rudersdorf”

  1. This is one unusual way to describe an illness that is very serious. My wife just got through her second (in ten years) breast cancer and treatment. It is something that everyone needs to know more about. And art is a unique way to describe it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. I find this piece truly interesting. I keep looking at it. Thanks for sharing — something I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere!

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