Lipizzaner Stallions

Last night oldest son treated baby girl and I to a wonderful show at the county fair grounds. A division of the Lipizzaner Stallions Traveling Show was in town. It was a great show! Many years ago I visited the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It was strange to see them here in the same place we watch rodeo. I apologize for the graininess of the picture. (good camera has been officially declared “dead”…temporary replacement has been ordered)

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  1. tres beau, cela devait etre un superbe spectacle. j’adore les spectacles avec des chevaux

    very beautiful, that was to be a superb spectacle. I adore the spectacles with horses

  2. What are your long term camera replacement dreams? As much as I like my Sony A100k DSLR. My dream would be a high end Canon.

  3. I have an idea! Denton should indulge himself with the camera of his dreams, and pass on his present camera to you. That would probably make both of you very happy. Regarding your beautiful picture of the Lipizzaners, I remember very well when your mother and I saw them perform in Vienna.

  4. Well Norma, you asked about a riding lawnmower. Unfortunately we don’t have one. I think we will have to hire someone for the time being until we can get a really good deal on something.
    Its so funny how our downsizing and little yard plans changed so much. Aside from the grass the yard is pretty low maintenance with drip systems and automatic sprinklers.
    Thanks for asking.

  5. those are graceful,and beautiful horses ! im attending the lipazzano stallions show for the first time at they ryan center,@ CCRI . i have wanted to go to one of those shows for quite some time now,and im finally gonna get there. im also going to attend the equine fair in springfield MASS for the first time as well. i guess im just a late bloomer. lol
    thanks so much for the beautiful picture !

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