My Backyard

lavender 1.JPG
It is the time of year that you can almost see the lavender growing. Each day when I visit my plants, I notice some of the early bloomers are putting on an inch or two a day. The late bloomers are just starting to put wake up. It’s a marvlous time of the year.

13 thoughts on “My Backyard”

  1. Even lavender? Oh, I’m sooo jealous 😉

    Well it is obvious that you do not have a deer problem! Last night they ate all my potted plants on the front deck…grrrr!

  2. I’m guessing that the bench is well-worn, having born you away many times in flights of imagination.

    Thanks for your kind comments on

  3. To Isabella,barbecue!
    Norma,your yard looks a real refuge full of peace and nature.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Ah yes, the lavender at last! I hope you’ll show us all 17, is it, varieties that you have! Must be heavenly to brush against them and sniff the aroma.

  5. Now I see where you get your name! You have a beautiful bed of lavender. I just put two plants in pots on my doorstep last month and they are already huge! I see I will have to put them into the ground at the end of the season.

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