Just flowers and little things in my garden

I’m back from my trip, sufficiently quilted out, and ready to hit the last two week of school running…well at least with a smile on my face.
The black piece of obsidian is from my old junior high science teacher days. The sand dollars are from a beach on the west end…and the little statue is from a dear friend who was here when I was at war with the bunnies.

So how is your June starting? the good camera is not back yet…and I don’t take this as a good sign. Breaking down and buying a new one is not the problem…the problem is which one in a price range I can afford!

9 thoughts on “Just flowers and little things in my garden”

  1. Your little garden is full of treasures, your own as well as nature’s. When I do garden walks with my friends, these are the type gardens I remember for they tell larger stories, usually herstories.

  2. I love your photo today, like you I have many little places in my garden with many, many stuffs reminding me of who gave them to me or where I found them…”Mes petits bazars”, in French! And I wish you’ll find a new camera very soon because I would want to see some of your quilts. Really. I’m happy to see you liked my roses…

  3. June has got off to a mighty start here…what with hubby’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and we are only at the 4th….yet to come…my birthday on 29th, so a good month here and for the garden too!
    Glad you had a good trip….nice to be home eh?


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