When someone tells you there is nothing to do…they don’t live in Sequim. There are many things to do every weekend. Last weekend the grandkids and I stopped by the Shephard’s Festival at McClary Hall. These ladies were demonstrating how to turn wool in to yarn.
The smaller picture is a close up of a gentleman “plying” the art.

I’m back this evening from a 5 day quilting retreat at Ocean Shores with “The Loose Threads”. Did I mention I am good cameraless? I know…enough whining. Hopefully it will be there when I arrive home.

6 thoughts on “Spinners”

  1. That’s nice and interesting. busy with spinning. Thats rare too. What after that? Is the yarn used to knit something?

  2. I have never seen such a group and only saw spinning wheels in museums.


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  3. Isn’t it interesting to see people sitting together to spin, and probably to talk and share ideas as they do so. I’ve thought of spinning as a solo activity, one that puts one in a meditative frame of mind. This photo jolted me out of that too-limited view of spinning.

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