Do you know the name?


Today is Theme Day…and for the first time I am not participating (I’m out of town)…but if you go and see my brother, you can visit the world and see the view from many a CDPBers bedroom window!
This photo wasn’t taken from my bedroom window…but if I had my good camera back…it could have been.

I have this really nice blue flower in my back yard. A friend dug some from her yard and gave them to me. I could ask…but I thought I’d ask you first.

9 thoughts on “Do you know the name?”

  1. Je ne connais pas le nom, mais elle est belle fleur et j’aime cette couleur. Je te souhaite un bon weekend

    I do not know the name, but it is beautiful flower and I like this color. I wish you a good weekend

  2. This beautiful blue flower is called Bachelor button. Another keep for my desktop backround!

  3. I believe it’s common name is blue mountain, and it can take over a flower bed. It’s good to plant it in a pot so it is kind of contained. Pretty flower though.

  4. Mountain Bluett is it’s common name, it’s botanical name is Centaurea Montana. Beautiful isn’t it?

  5. We call this flower “centaurée” (this one is “centaurea montana” I presume)
    I have plenty of it in my garden and with the wind the seed grows everywhere

    Ah ! i see that bonnie is saying the same

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