Flying Dormer


For the local viewers…remember the little brown modular home on display, north side of the road, just before you got to Sunny Farms? It’s been for sale for awhile and I happen to notice it was gone just this last week. Well, I know where it is…just down the street! Baby girl and my big boy were here helping me paint the new arbor when we noticed a small crane driving down the street. We went to investigate and were rewarded with this sight!

PS. Word Press will allow me to post over the next couple of days. I need to run away for a few days and de stress. Yesterday I got a ticket for speeding…the first in over 34 years…and the really bad part is I deserved it. Thank goodness my babies weren’t with me.

8 thoughts on “Flying Dormer”

  1. bizarre, la maison sur la gauche, on dirait qu’elle glisse lentement mais surement ;o)

    odd, the house on the left, one would say that it slips slowly but surely ;O)

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  3. I do need to run away too. We’re going to my son’s for 2 nights and will try to take a peak at our new house while we are there. Its 3 hours from here so we can’t drive by it and dream like we want to.
    Rest well and so sorry about your ticket. One in 34 years is a good record.

  4. I hope you were in a cute little Speedster, feeling the fresh air in your hair, enjoying the day, driving carefully if a little too fast, having so much fun. . . .

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