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Across the street from the unusual building, (turns out it is going to be a bank…not a steak house) a Popeyes is being built. Chicken and Biscuits…yum, yum. Too bad my doctor has convinced me to eat more veggies. I was not of the opinion we needed a Popeyes in Sequim. I guess it turns out I was wrong.

One more day of construction photos, and then I move on to another series…and hopefully my camera will come home soon. I miss it. I had forgotten how rinky dink my old one was/is.

10 thoughts on “Popeyes”

  1. si il fallait ecouter les docteurs, alors adieu les bons gateaux ;o)) bon il a raison, il faut manger des legumes, alors un bon pâté de legume, une bonne tarte aux poireaux, humm

    if the doctors had to be listened to, then good-bye the good cakes; O)) good it rightly, it is necessary to eat vegetables, then a good paté of vegetable, a good tart with leeks, humm

  2. Norma,I haven’t had it in years,but I love that popeyes rice!
    My only camera is rinky dink.I hope it leads to a finer camera one day too.

  3. Loved your parade series and now construction series. Have you been up to Solana development up Simdur Rd. (spelling?) – the first exist into Sequim coming from the ferry. I looks like a very nice development. I am from a smallish town that is also growing. I just hope we don’t lose the small town feel in Sequim or from my town.

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