Down any little street

As of late one thing I’ve noticed is the tendancy of builders to develop small pocket neighborhoods. With building lots, commmanding higher and higher prices, you will find 5 or 6 new homes being built at the end of a street that has had homes for quite some time. In this neighborhood, there are 4 new homes for sale at the end of North Knapman. I wasn’t able to find out prices, but I’m guessing they are in the $325-$350 grand range.

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  1. I guess there are a multitude of people, mostly young, with adventure as middle names, who can afford to go into debt for the next 30 years and pay out over $1,000 (one thousand US Dollars) a month for a place to live. A place in any city in the United States that tells you how high your grass can grow, where to put the trash cans, how close your house can be to the neighbors and then come along and force you to pay a tax. And a lot of taxes for as long as you live there. Some of those taxes will be for schools that spend your money, not for education, but to buy uniforms for kids soccer teams, and baseball bats and gloves for the girl’s softball teams. And to cart little kids from two blocks away to school in a giant diesel bus that spews out noxious fumes and contaminates the environment so that the school has had to hire a health nurse or two, to administer drugs to children with breathing problems.

    This is the American Dream.

    As you just pointed out, it is getting more expensive.

    Your photograph is nice. It didn’t make the home look any better though. For that kind of money I would want something that really looks nice.

    How about a house made of bits and pieces of straw and wood and stuck somewhere you don’t get wet, pay no taxes and there is plenty to eat all day long? I have it for you. The second episode of the robins is on the blog today. The mother’s head is down the baby’s throat.

  2. Isn’t that one of the great American dreams, to own a home? I understand the restrictions and taxes of property ownership can be frustrating at times. Of course there is always room for improvement. And there are alternatives for those who wish to avoid restrictions and have lower taxes. Location, location, location and research, research, research. Oh, and some compromise. Hmmm, my anti-spam word is ‘provoke’. 🙂

  3. The price of homes is all relative. You are right…location, location, location…We won’t even go into the cost of housing in Northern California. Can’t wait to move into our new home but I think Abe would choke if he knew what it cost us to live there. Its actually very reasonable by Calif. standards.
    I do love the porch on the house in the picture. It makes the house seem cozy.

  4. Like Photowannabe said, prices are relative. Different cities have different standards of living.

    Anyway, that is a beautiful house in the photo. I have always dreamed of (don’t laugh) owning my own washer and dryer units. 🙂

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