New Development

Just west of Walmart, a strange looking building is being built. It’s hard to tell exactly for what purpose it has been designed, and the strangest part is there is no sign stating it’s intended purpose. Most proudly announce a future Popeyes, Petco, Rite-aide, and so forth. It also has an odd look as you approach from the round about. It is being build at a lower elevation and looks a bit like a roofed dugout.

8 thoughts on “New Development”

  1. Bonjour Norma! Thank you for visiting my blog. About sailing, you live by the sea, perhaps could you board on sailboats which take passengers? Here, there are several boats which do this in summer, a day on the sea…Or, if it is not possible in Sequim, you must come here! Have a nice day!

  2. Si il y a de nouveaux developpements, cela veut dire qu’il y a de l’avenir.

    If there are new developments, that wants to say that there is future.

  3. Aww,Abe beat me to it.
    I think it looks like some kind of steak-house or barbecue place.
    You will let us know,won’t you Norma?

  4. Progress? Ah, probably not, in the grand scheme of things. I think many have suggested that continued and constant building and expansion are equivalent to progress but I’m of an alternative opinion.

  5. hello lavenderlady,
    just came across your sequim blog by accident (nice work) and thought we can combine efforts to keep our small town sequim the lovely town as it is. i guess we can’t stop ‘progress’ or development (however you want to see it) – has some pros too – but each of us can do something to protect our environment . i recently wrote a letter to ‘sequim this week’ plus a post on my sequimtown blog where i addressed environmental issues. i was happy to hear back from 2 sequim residents. as you being the lavender lady might be interested in our efforts too. here is my post
    hope to hear from you. heidi from sequim

  6. Progress or not, I think its a restaurant too. Its hard to know when the new will be good or not. Here’s hoping it will please you and your town.

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