Here's Looking At You!

here is lookingatyou.jpg
Only two more days and we are done with the parade…and then I can start on something really important…like “Under Construction”!
These cute little cars were in the parade, complete with eyeballs and eye lashes. I don’t want to give the appearance I’m a complete ninny…but I don’t now the name of this car. They had 5 wheels if you count the steering wheel, were convertibles, and had cute little headlight covers that went up and down…they were also low to the ground. Any guesses? I wouldn’t be able to tell you if you were right.

4 thoughts on “Here's Looking At You!”

  1. une voiture vivante (c’est la soeur de K2000 ? ) amusante photo

    is an alive car (it the sister of K2000? ) amusing photo

  2. This eye is so amazing and funny
    Roses. Make me think to a wedding car
    In France we use to decorated them so.

    And I was too. I had wild flowers around my head (poppies, cornflowers, daisies)
    It was (and I was) very pretty !

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