The Irrigation Festival Royalty

princess1.JPGThe lovely young ladies on this float are representing Sequim in 12 different parades this spring and summer. They have already made numerous appearances. The theme of the parade was “112 years and Still Rocking!”

6 thoughts on “The Irrigation Festival Royalty”

  1. un beau char, sur cette parade. j’aime beaucoup ce char avec cette vieille voiture.

    a beautiful tank, on this parade. I like much this tank with this old car.

  2. I love the immagination it takes to put together a float like this! I especially admire the hard work. Great shot.

  3. Norma, I really like the happiness you caught here.
    When I was a teen,a little while ago,I had a juke box in my bedroom!
    One thing that impressed me right away in this photo,
    is the wise precautions they have taken to protect these ladies.

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