Tell me what you really think….

At Kids Day last Saturday, there were several adults who took the opportunity to dress up and have fun. This clown was spending time with each youngster and then presenting them with “balloon” creatures.

2 more days and counting….

13 thoughts on “Tell me what you really think….”

  1. Some children scream and flea from clowns. I often wondered why. And then some just love them like a funny kind of Santa Claus.

    Did you know that rape is not unique to the human animal? My post today explains.

  2. les clowns sont magiques, ils donnent le sourire aux enfants (et aux adultes). j’admire ceux qui vont dans les hospitaux pour voir les enfants malades

    the clowns are magic, they give the smile to the children (and with the adults). I admire those which in the hospitaux ones will see the sick children

  3. What I really think? About clowns? I really think they are always strange-looking with their red noses and weirdly painted mouths and big floppy feet. Sometimes they are so strange that they are scary. Luckily, this one seems to reaching out, reassuring the little child.

  4. What I really think Norma,is that the yellow balloon blower,
    makes me a little uneasy in it’s placement.
    Everything else is very fitting and festive.
    Looks like the little fella is the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street,
    with safety reflectors for night use.
    I’ve always thought it would be such fun to paint my face up like that with one of those classic red clown noses too!
    I also like the people socialising in the background.

  5. This clown looks like a casual one from dress-down Friday. As Carl mentioned, I was reminded of Sesame Street by the child’s costume, though I thought of Elmo. Shows you what I know!

  6. Norma, This is a grand photo!! Reminds me of one of my son’s birthdays when I hired clowns to help celebrate. He, now close to 40, just told me that they scared him half to death!! So much for being a creative, middle-class mother. PS. I added information about the angel on my visualstpaul re. the anchor. Take a look!

  7. Clowns seemed to scare my grandkids silly. I really don’t know why. I’m glad the clown is taking time with the chidren.
    I like this coorful shot of small town life.

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