They're Back!


As part of the Irrigation Festival, a carnival arrives each year. This young lady and I just happen to catch the trucks as they brought the rides, ticket booths, and sideshows. I’ll bet that by the time I get to work in the morning they will be well on their way to having it all set up for the grand opening on Thursday.
carnival.JPG carival2.JPG carnival6.JPG

3 Days and counting….

6 thoughts on “They're Back!”

  1. j’espere que le velo a de bon frein ;o) c’est donc la fete pendant trois jours, tu as de la chance, j’adore les fetes (c’est bete que l’on ne puisse pas agrandir les photos)

    I hope that the bicycle has of good brake; O) it is thus the festival during three days, you have chance, I adore the festivals (it is stupid which one cannot increase the photographs)

  2. The circus is coming. THE CIRCUS IS COMING!!!
    Those words are so fresh in my mind. And when I ran to the front–there on the street were the elephants softly walking up the street. Things have changed. Now instead of elephants they are using 18-wheelers. They call it progress. Progress sucks.

    See the latest windpower technology working here in Brookville.

  3. Doesn’t Abe have the greatest stories?
    Norma the exitement and anticipation
    for the festival,really comes through
    in your posts here.
    I look forward to seeing your shots of it!

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